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“A fascinating scientific memoir of a life dedicated to uncovering the truth behind some of the most shocking crimes”


“Gallop has helped to put some of the country’s most horrific killers behind bars. Now a specialist in cold-case investigations, she has led forensic teams to find crucial evidence in some of Britain’s most challenging murder cases”

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In When the Dogs Don’t Bark, one of the world’s most eminent forensic scientists provides a gripping account of some of the thousands of cases she has helped to solve, including the killings of Stephen Lawrence, Damilola Taylor and the Italian banker Roberto Calvi.

‘By the time I arrived at the wood yard in Huddersfield on a bitterly cold night in February 1978, the body of the 18-year-old victim had already been taken to the mortuary…’

Never before has forensic science played such a vital role in criminal justice. With ever-more sophisticated and powerful techniques at their disposal, and with the right knowledge and experience, forensic scientists can now help to solve even the most complex of cases.

Professor Angela Gallop CBE has been a forensic scientist for more than 40 years. During her career, she has worked on thousands of cases, providing critical evidence for prosecutions and correcting serious miscarriages of justice to exonerate innocent people.

In this gripping true-crime memoir, Angela describes some of her most intriguing investigations, such as the murders of Stephen Lawrence, Rachel Nickell and the Italian banker, Roberto Calvi, who was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London.

From the crime scene to the courtroom, When the Dogs Don't Bark is a fascinating and powerful true story about a life spent searching for the truth.

The book is published in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton.